The structure of the company includes the following departments and procedures:


Sales: Communication with existing and new customers as well as the provision of price offering. 


Job reception: In cooperation with the client we gather all the information that is essential to the job concerning materials, timing and way of delivery, and eventually it is cost and coded. 


Job planning: Each job is placed in the daily and weekly plan, by scheduling and arranging all the necessary procedures in order to deliver the job on time and within the budget. 


Production: The actual product is made by following three procedures:


Pre-press: During this one we process the digital files of the artwork, then we create the suitable proofs and the printing plates and finally we determine the proper colour profile.

Press: At this point the actual job is been printed on sheets of paper.


Post-press and print-finishing: In this final procedure the printed sheets are converted into the required product.


Delivery and logistics: The final product is properly packaged and dispatched according to the client’s requirements.


Accounting: This department provides all the necessary information that concerns the company internally and in addition it makes all the financial arrangements with our customers and suppliers.


Quality control: All the above procedures are designed according to the Total Quality Management (TQM) principals. We are using specially designed forms for the completion of each process and in addition we have a formal auditing system for observing and evaluating the effectiveness of each of these processes. Furthermore, our company has adopted specific technical means (KMS and PDC SII systems) to ensure high quality in the printing process, which is the most delicate one. Moreover, our procedures have been certified by the Austrian House TUV to be according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. 


Just-in-time (JIT):  In order to reduce cost our company applies the JIT principles, by crating strong relations with suppliers, in order to achieve immediate response concerning materials and services.


Environmental audit: Our company is very sensitive concerning the maintenance of the environment; therefore we adopt methods and materials that do not affect it. In order to become more effective to our environmental policy we follow the ISO 14001:2005 principles.

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